Success in the air
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Success in the air

Inspirational environment

No matter, if we talk about our workplace or our home, people seek to create their own ambience in which they perform everyday activities effectively and comfortably. We can contribute to an agreeable environment. We can improve our environment using different tools, equipments and decorations. In the following part, we give our tips and other useful information to help you establish a cosy environment


1., Tidy environment 

Having no obstacles in the space. If the room is well arranged, it gives the feeling of harmony and tranquillity, which can contribute to efficiency and focus during the workday.

2., Enough light 

Enough natural and artificial lights, like big windows and lamps.

3., Insert frequent breaks

Having some leisure time for concrete intervals are essential when working or learning intensively. You should reward yourself with some snacks, coffee or recreational activities to help you sustain a well needed efficiency.

4., Plants

They ensure better mood, recharge the air with oxygen and distract negative energy. Cacti, aloe, orchids and bamboos are the bests for „purifying” purposes.


5., Salt lamps

These have advantageous effects on breathing, emits calming light and reduces electro-smog (which is generated in case of the excessive usage of computers and electronics).

6., „Goal table” 

Collecting pictures of motivating citations and personal goals that we plan to achieve in the future on a corkwood table or on the wall help visualizing and attracting our goals to come true.

7., Beneficial, colourful minerals

Using them with therapeutic intent, these are beautiful and useful ornaments for the room in the form of polished stones or druses.


8., Decorations, accessories, facilities

Items with patterns we love are a real pleasure to look at.

9., Music in the background  

Depending on our mood, putting on some music is the best way to relax or to get pumped up.

10., Essential oils / incenses

They have stimulating or calming effects - depending on the scent.

Article, photos: Králik Márti

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